Your Bridge

We are excited about growing our investment in the children of Bithlo this new year.  The biggest change will be the kicking off of a much needed After School Program called “Your Bridge.”  Many of the older children that we support at the Orange County Academy (OCA) have little supervision outside the hours of school. In the afternoon they are subject to roaming the neighborhoods. When asked what they do after school the response is usually “just hanging out.” Because there are not athletic programs, clubs, band, or other developmental organizations at OCA, we are working to close the gap by meeting those types of development needs with “Your Bridge.” Additionally, we plan to offer a comprehensive mentoring program as well as tutoring.

A generous donor has supplied us with a very nice bus, “The Beast,” located near the pods. However, we are need of a bus driver who has the proper CDL license.

“Your Bridge” has applied to IRS for their own 501 (c) (3) not- for profit exemption, we are just using the church’s facilities as our host location.  This program will be financially supported by donations, sponsorships, and fundraising events. To get started, we can use donations of after school snacks, and sports equipment.  We also would appreciate your financial support, noting our funds are completely separate from our donations to OCA.

Most importantly we need volunteers. They fall into several categories:

General support/supervision:  These people are friendly, outgoing, and ready to help. They may do anything from greeting, taking roll, giving directions, or help set up or takedown, etc.

Sports and activities:  These people are coaches, players, and encouragers. They have some skills in tennis, soccer, basketball, flag football, etc. They will help lead and coach sports and outside recreation activities.

Skill and crafts:  These people have a special interest and enjoy teaching others.  This could range from cooking, art, painting, woodworking, sewing, crafts, music, general life skills, and mentoring or tutoring.

Safety and security:  These people are focused on making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience – students and volunteers. They are safety-focused, may demonstrate some basic first aid skills, they are comfortable holding the students to rules and boundaries. They can be firm when needed, but always handle situations in a positive manner. They are conflict resolvers.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Brian or Pastor Patina.