The Way Forward


How Do We React?

It’s been an overwhelming and draining week for the United Methodist Church. There are many who are hurting, and many who are feeling minimized. This has left many people on every part of the spectrum of thought confused, anxious, empathetic, and apathetic. So what now? My encouragement to you is to allow God to lead you daily, because that is the life Christ followers are called to:


Do not stop praying for Christ’s church and those affected by the outcome of General Conference. God is God. The church is not. Our God is faithful and much bigger than any of the world’s legislative constructs.

Don’t Give Up On the Body of Christ

The church needs people faithfully engaged just as it has in every age and time. First Church Oviedo will continue to share the radical, relentless, and unconditional love of Jesus to all people.

*Reach Out to Those Who Are Hurting. Be Kind to Those Think Differently Than You

We continue to be called to be the presence of Christ to those who feel wounded and vulnerable over this denominational decision. Remember to extend an extra measure of kindness to those with whom you may disagree. The world is watching (and that begins with our neighbors) to see how we respond to these events. If we are unable to show love towards each other, how can we be witnesses for Christ to the world?

*Continue to FOLLOW Jesus, MAKE Disciples, and TRANSFORM the world.

Few things give evil a greater foothold than God’s people distracted and divided. Don’t allow the noise of these last few days to undo from the mission, vision, and values that have defined us as a church for years.

*Gather Together

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday. As we worship together, we will gather around Christ’s table where all are welcome! Join with one another as we celebrate and experience God’s love for the whole world.


Pastor Brian James