First Church Oviedo Sports



We hope that Kickball will resume in 2021 based on CDC and county guidelines. Each year we strive to improve the First Church Kids Sports experience.

Teams can be formed with members of your church, small group, neighborhood, civic group, office employees, etc. You need 12-15 people to make a team. Start gathering up your teammates now. We have appreciated the feedback from previous seasons and are now offering the reduced rate of $60 per player. We are able to lower the cost this season by having teams provide their own shirts for their team and having an awards reception without dinner for Fall 2020 season. Childcare is included for children under 9 years old for every game night – even if your team isn’t playing. It ends up being about $3 an hour for childcare alone.

Once you have collected 12-15 players for your team, team captains can get the team added to the registration site by emailing and then have your teammates register.

This league is designed for parents. The goal is to allow parents the opportunity to grow closer with their spouse, friends, and other parents in their group and other community groups. Our trained and background-checked children’s ministry staff will have fun with the kids while the parents enjoy time at the field or some time off on bye weeks. This will be a fun season for the whole family.



Played like baseball, the object is to score more runs than the opposing team. The following rules will govern all kickball games. For the enjoyment of all, proper respect and civility is required of all participants toward one another. Fighting is not allowed or tolerated.

 The games will be played on a baseball field with 10 players in the field. They can space themselves out however they choose in- or out-field. Each team must designate a pitcher for each inning.

  1. A referee will stand near home base and call all strikes, outs, and fouls at all bases. A strike will be any kickable ball that isn’t attempted or isn’t successful. A kickable ball comes within 1 foot of home base on any side. Three strikes is an out. A foul will be a ball that goes out of the playing field before it passes 1st or 3rd 4 fouls is considered an out but a foul is never counted as a strike. If the ball goes over the fence, it is considered a foul ball.
  2. Three outs and the teams switch sides. There are multiple ways that a referee can call a runner “out”. A kick that is caught in the air by the opposing team, will be an out for the kicking team. If first base is tagged or any base with a forced run, the running player will be called out. Only first base can be overrun if they have already touched the base. The runner must stop directly on other bases to eliminate the chance of getting out. If a fielder throws the ball and it hits the runner, the runner is out. If a fielder tags the runner with the ball, the runner is out. You cannot hit a player in the head! Any player hit in the head or neck, except when sliding, will be considered safe at the next base.
  3. Players can not wear metal cleats or flip flops. Players should have on athletic shoes. Every player on the team must wear the official team shirt and be a registered player. No substitutes will be permitted this season. Only registered players allowed on the field. Players must check in at the concession stand prior to going to their respective fields. ID may be required. Only on-time, checked-in players will be added to kicking order.
  4. Each team should pick a captain that directs the team for fielding and creates kicking order. Keep your kicking order the same for the entire game. Players must be checked in before coin flip to be added on kicking order. Late players can field for their team but cannot be included in kicking order. The captain can change but must remain the same for the entire game. Give every player fair fielding time. The referee will flip a coin to determine who kicks first.
  5. Games will start at exactly 5:00pm. Please drop your child(ren) in Community Room starting at 4:30 to ensure that you meet your team at 4:45 at the Oviedo Little League fields. You can check in as early as 4:40 at the fields. Teams should be warmed up and in their positions for the first player to kick at 5:00pm. Games will last exactly an hour, no matter how many innings have been played. The score at 6:00pm is the recorded score.
  6. If weather interferes with playing, you will receive a text message that the game is postponed. We will reschedule the game, by adjusting the schedule. The season will not be prolonged, unless more than 1 game is canceled.
  7. Pitcher: Balls must be pitched by hand and must stand on the pitching mound until the ball has been kicked.
  8. Missing Players: You are allowed 10 players on the field. If you have less, that will be to the fielding team’s disadvantage but there is no official penalty.
  9. Kickers: Kicks must be made by foot or leg below the knee. All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. The planted foot may be on home plate but not in front of it. A kick that is attempted that breaks these rules or is missed, will count as a strike. An un-kickable pitch counts as a “ball” and 4 “balls” will allow the runner to advance to first base.
  10. Fielders must stay out of the baseline. Runners must run in the baseline and must maintain a reasonable running path between bases. A runner may advance to the next base once the ball has been kicked. No stealing bases. And no leading off the base. Runners should stay firmly planted on their base until their teammate has kicked the ball. Game play continues until the pitcher has the ball. Runners must stay in order.
  11. The referee has the final say on all calls. Team captains can kindly dispute a call, but the referee makes the final call.
  12. All players should be encouraging and fair. This is supposed to be fun. The purpose of this league is Christian fellowship. Good sportsmanship is required at all times.
  13. Each team will assign 1-2 payers to rake and cover the fields at the end of each game. The designated players from both teams will work together.