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Serve Team

- Worship Band

  • Membership on the worship band is a position of Christian leadership. We emphasize that our purpose and calling is that of leading others into the very presence of the Living God. The primary function is to lead others in true worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

- SUP (see u people) Team

  • Members of the SUP Team are a vital part of students' experience because they help make others feel welcomed and let them know we're happy they're here! SUP members look for people they don’t know or are sitting by themselves to go and make conversation.

- Prayer Leader

  • Our vision is to be a group that is in constant communication with God. Prayer Leaders help to oversee the prayers at various Upper Room programs. They are also available for other students who are looking for someone to pray with.

- Other

  • We encourage students to think of other ways to serve the world around them, and are open to new ideas!
Serve Team Application

Other Opportunities

- Pumpkin Patch

  • Help unload pumpkins or work the patch to earn service hours or earn funds for your student account.
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