First Church Oviedo is blessed with so many opportunities for us to learn together. Whether it is Study Groups, F.L.O.W. Groups, Affinity Groups, or special opportunities such as Financial Peace or Lead Like Jesus training, this church takes our small groups ministry seriously!


What Is A Study Group?

A Study Group is a small group of people who meet to collectively grasp an understanding of God’s word. They may use various media including books, books in the Bible or even a video or podcast during their time together. These informational groups provide Biblical literacy and awareness of basic Christian doctrine.

What Are The Benefits Of A Study Group?

A regular study group will form an intentional community together. It will provide a safe space for questions to be asked and discussions to ensue. It is easier to build trust and unity in a small group rather than in a large group setting. Those in a small study group will form a bond with each other, grow, connect, and receive care all while strengthening their relationship with Jesus.

Do Study Groups Meet All Year?

Sometimes groups will choose to meet throughout the entire year. Some will take the summer off from meeting, especially if they have children.


What Is A F.L.O.W. Group?

A small group made up of men and women from all generations of life. These groups meet throughout the week for FELLOWSHIP, LEARNING, OUTREACH AND WORSHIP. No group is perfect, and no two groups are exactly the same.

What Happens At A F.L.O.W. Group?

A group of about 6 to 8 people gather during the week to hang out, pray for one another and discuss the sermon from Sunday and how it applies to their life. There also are times where a F.L.O.W. Group serves the community. Some groups help serve dinner at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. Other groups meet at a restaurant for a meal and a prayer.

How Long Does The Gathering Last?

A typical F.L.O.W. Group can meet anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Do F.L.O.W. Groups Meet All Year?

F.L.O.W. Groups are most active between August and May during the school year. They sometimes meet more casually during the Summer months.


What Is An Affinity Group?

A group of people with a common interest that are geared towards service and/or fellowship. There is no set number of people or gender for these groups. Some great examples of groups like these are: Young At Heart Senior Ministry, Caregivers Support Group, and Pickleball Affinity Group (or other Sports Ministry Teams such as Kick Ball).

What Is The Purpose Of An Affinity Group?

An Affinity Group plays a role in creating a place for people to belong and connect with other individuals with similar hobbies/interests. The focus of these groups is to either engage in fellowship through an activity or an act of service.


            • F.L.O.W. GROUP = Transformational Group using Fellowship, Learning, Outreach, Worship to study weekly sermon series/scripture.
            • STUDY GROUP (Book, Video, Bible) = Informational Group studying a piece of media.
            • AFFINITY GROUP = Groups with a common Interest (Caregivers, Outsiders, Young at Heart)


Below is a list of our current offerings. If you would like to join one of the groups listed here or create your own group, please submit the form below or contact our Director of Discipleship, Jim Boesch, at

  • Women’s Book Study Group (Carol Madsen) 10 AM (3-FH)
  • Women’s F.L.O.W. Group (Terry Wales) 6:30 PM (Lutheran Haven)
  • Men’s F.L.O.W. Group (Jim Solomonson) 6:30 PM (Lutheran Haven)
  • Young at Heart Senior Ministry Group (Frankie Crews) 2nd Thursday at Noon for lunch (TBA)
  • First Church Pickleball Group (Lori See) 6:30 PM (2-Gym)
  • Men’s F.L.O.W. Group (Jim Wottring) 8 AM every 1st and 3rd week (Off-Site at Kekes)
  • Finding I Am Bible Study (Dustin James) 9:30 AM (CC-100)
  • Lunch Bunch Ladies F.L.O.W. Group (Charlene Davis) 12:30 PM every other week (Off-Site)
  • Ladies Plus One F.L.O.W. Group (Frankie Crews) at 12:30 (Location Varies)
  • Single Parents F.L.O.W. Group (Sherry Barger) 1st Friday 6:30 PM (Off-Site)
  • Couple’s F.L.O.W. Group (Jim Wottring) 7 PM every other week (Off-Site)
SUNDAY (click HERE for more details)
  • Friendship Study Group (Barry McKinley) 9:30 AM (via
  • Seekers Book Study Group (Frankie Godwin) 9:45 AM (CC-100)
  • Men’s Book Study Group (Jim Wottring/Gary Bushey) 10:15 AM (5-101)
  • Adult Bible Study Group Revelations (Dawn Williams) 10 AM (4-JP)