Adult Discipleship

First Church is blessed with so many opportunities for us to learn together. Whether it is Study Groups (book and Bible), F.L.O.W. Groups, Affinity Groups, special opportunities like Financial Peace, or the Lead Like Jesus training. This church takes our small groups ministry seriously!

While some of our classes are on a Summer hiatus, take a look below and see where you can plug in.

NOTE: Registration for all ZOOM meetings and teleconferences is required by our service providers. Please use the registration form below. The group leader will contact you with the class sign-in information. If you have any questions, please contact the church office: or 407-365-3255

  • F.L.O.W. GROUP = Transformational Group using Fellowship, Learning, Outreach, Worship to study weekly sermon series/scripture.
  • STUDY GROUP (Book, Video, Bible) = Informational Group studying a piece of media.
  • AFFINITY GROUP = Groups with a common Interest (Caregivers, Outsiders, Young at Heart)
  • (6:30 PM) Men’s F.L.O.W. Group (Jim Boesch) (5-101).
  • (6:30 AM) Men’s Breakfast F.L.O.W. Group via (email
  • (10 AM) Women’s Bible Study (Carol Madsen) (3-FH) On hiatus until 10/12/21
  • (6:30 PM) Men’s F.L.O.W. Group (Jim Solomonson) (Lutheran Haven)
  • (6:30 PM) Women’s F.L.O.W. Group (Terry Wales) (via ZOOM)
  • (6:30 PM) Women’s Study Group: The Bible (five chapters per week) (Patina Ripkey) (via ZOOM)
  • (7 PM) Men’s Study Group Getting Real (Brandon Owen) (via ZOOM)
  • (7 PM) Young Women Study Group Hope for Today Devo (Jeannie Wilson) (Off-site)
  • (11 AM) Caregiver Support (In-Person) 1st & 3rd Wednesdays led by Marty Rouse (Jones Parlor)
  • (5:30 PM) Men’s F.L.O.W. Group led by Jim Wottring (5-101)
  • (6:30 PM) Study Group: S.O.A.P. Devotions led by Pastor Brian (Pastor’s Office)
  • (6:30 PM) Young Adult Study Group: Starting Point: A Conversation About Faith led by Pastor Patina (Jones Parlor)
  • (6:30 PM) Women’s Study Group: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget led by Jeannie Wilson (CC-100)
  • (6:30 PM) Men’s Study Group: The Four Voices (Taking Control of the Conversation in Your Head) led by Joe Gallelli (5-101)

  • (6:30 PM) Adult Small Group Study (3-FH)
  • (8 AM) Men’s Engage via ZOOM (Jim Wottring)
  • (8 AM) FaithLink Sunday School class via
  • (8:15 AM) Friendship Sunday School class via
  • (11 AM) Men’s Study via ZOOM
  • (11:15 AM) Seekers (In-Person) Sunday School class.(3-FH)
  • (11:15 AM) Adult (In-Person) F.L.O.W. Group (CC-1) (Jim Boesch)