F-L-O-W Groups


F-L-O-W Groups are small groups that gather on a weekly basis for

Fellowship, Learning, Outreach and Worship


HERE is our current selection of F.L.O.W Groups

For more information or to form your own group, please contact Jim Boesch or the church office at (407) 365-3255


Please let us know:

  • Do you have a group of individuals or couples that you would like to bring together? (Let us know and we’ll share the simple guidelines with you.)
  • Would you like to be put into a group? (We can place you as an individual, couple, geography, or common interest.)
  • Would you be interested in being a group facilitator? (We have a simple set of instructions to make this very doable.)
  • Would you be willing to host these weekly gatherings? (This would mean opening your home, or setting up a gathering spot for your group.)

NOTE: If you would like to form your own group, just call the church office at 407-365-3255.