Nutrition & Wellness Class

Begins January 22, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

As Christians, we often spend so much time focusing on our spiritual relationship with God that we forget the importance of our physical health in our journey with Him. Throughout the Bible, God tells us that He wants us to be healthy, active and energized to do His work. For those searching for a more permanent solution to healthy eating and an improved lifestyle, our own Coach Dom is offering an 8-week habit-changing nutritional makeover.

Each class will begin with a brief devotional, then move into topics such as:

  • Meal planning for a family
  • Developing anchor habits
  • The 3 S’s – Strategy, structure, schedule
  • Make smarter choices – “Just a little better” – progress not perfection
  • Stop counting calories and hopping from diet to diet
  • And so much more!!!

Coach Dom Lucibello is the owner of Breakthrough Fitness, a fitness coaching facility located right here in Oviedo. Using their “Think right”, “Eat right”, “Move right” approach, Coach Dom and his team at Breakthrough Fitness cater to people who desire to make fitness and eating well part of their lifestyle. Coach Dom has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach. He attends First Church Oviedo with his wife Leslie and two children Olivia and Ben. Class size is limited, so act now to reserve your space. Contact the church office at or 407-365-3255.