Mid-Week Lift Teaching Series

Pastor Brian James is holding a 12 week Facebook Livestream virtual study beginning January 7th at 7pm.

A healthy Christian life for all to choose. Trains new believers in a balance of: Christian doctrine, Christian core values, and Christian lifestyle and spiritual disciplines.


  1. Rescue- Grace and Forgiveness
  2. Disciple- Following Jesus Daily
  3. Temptations- Getting Victory over Sin
  4. Fellowship- Connecting to a Community of Christians
  5. Love- The Core of Christianity
  6. Gospel- Understanding Christ’s Story
  7. Holy Spirit- The Power of God’s Presence
  8. Witness- Sharing Your Faith
  9. Worship- Communing with God
  10. Generosity and Service- Love in Action
  11. Bible- Guidebook for Living
  12. Lord- Obedient Servants of the King