Children’s Home Annual Gift Card Drive

A Message from First United Methodist Children’s Home:
This drive gives us, as a connectional ministry, an opportunity to show God’s love through gifts. We ask that you again consider purchasing gift cards to be distributed across our ministry to give to the children we serve.
Because the houseparents and therapists know our children well, they will actually go shopping for gifts using a portion of the gift cards. These gifts will be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas morning, along with a few gift cards that will allow the youth to go shopping. Our goal is to be able to give each child $150 in gifts and gift cards. If we surpass this goal, any additional gift cards will be used after Christmas to purchase needed items for the children throughout the year.
We would be most grateful for the purchase of gift cards in increments of $10-$100 to major chain stores and restaurants (larger increments preferred, if possible). Especially useful and flexible cards for our children include Walmart, Kohl’s, and Gamestop gift cards. Popular restaurants our houseparents like to treat the children to over Christmas break include Darden Brands and Papa John’s Pizza. We also strive to make Christmas morning special by giving each child a stocking made by friends of the Children’s Home.
In order to prepare our campus for Christmas, we ask that your gift cards arrive before December 4th, if possible. Of course, we are happy to receive donations after that date. Helpful Hints:
  • We have included a gift card donation form HERE to be included with your gift card donation. The donor information is optional, but we do need the different types of cards and different denominations listed out. This will allow us to process the cards correctly when they come in. It is important that we receive this form back with your donation.
  • We also ask that, if not done so already, the gift card denomination be written somewhere on the gift card.
  • Please include a gift card receipt with each gift card, as this will help us with processing the gift cards.
  • For those who collect cash donations as part of a group contribution, we ask that you consider purchasing gift cards in increments of $50.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Development Services Team at 386.668.5088. Again, we thank you for your love and prayers for our children and this wonderful ministry.